Terms of Service

  • 1. Description

    This Terms of Service (TOS) Agreement is very important and you are advised to read it thoroughly. By visiting bdns.app and app.bdns.app and all links that are attached to this site (the website) you agree that you have read it thoroughly and to be bound by its contents.

  • 2. Service

    BDNS operates a non-fungible token (NFT) purchase platform with a decentralized application (Dapp) that enables the purchase of NFTs via the website. The NFTs are called Name-Only Domains (NODs).

  • 3. Product

    NODs are intended to be configured to a variety of Dapps as a core component of web3 infrastructure.

  • 4. Financial Risk

    NODs are not designed to be purchased as an investment or for speculative purposes. No liability will be accepted by BDNS for any loss of money in making the purchase of a NOD.

  • 5. Non-Refundable Purchase

    Users who purchase a NOD are not entitled to seek a refund, product replacement or any sort of financial recompense after the purchase has been made under any condition whatsoever.