Proudly Introduces Name-Only Domains (NODs)

What is NODs?

Introducing Blockchain Domain
Name Service (NODs)

NODs is the world's first Ethereum name-only domain name service. NODs are mintable in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) which you can configure to an Ethereum wallet address on a purely name-only basis. For example, instead of "Blockchain.eth", your Ethereum wallet address becomes simply "Blockchain" with the purchase and configuration of a NODs NFT.

What you get

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    Location, Location, Location!

    In the real world economy, addresses matter - and that's true for the virtual world economy too. NODs elicit the potential to configure your Ethereum wallet address to the most prestigious names on the Blockchain. Over time, the exclusivity of a NOD will translate into a more prestigious wallet address than any other on the Blockchain, the same way as a Tier 1 city address has done so in the physical world.

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    Fair Pricing

    NODs NFTs are not priced by traits, as for most standard NFTs - they are priced by supply and industrial demand, as in the real world economy. This means that for most BNDS NFTs, the cost is a standard $9 (plus 70% discount on multiple years' registration if purchased upfront), making NODs the most fairly priced NFT mint around today.

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    First Come, First Serve Policy

    There is no private sale and no privileged minting of NODs NFTs that would otherwise disadvantage customers of NODs, except in a very limited number of instances (such as with select brand names, which are reserved aside for a period for their owners). NODs operates exclusively on a first-come, first-serve minting policy. Get minting before others grab your preferred address!

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    NODs Is Building For The Long Term

    Most NFT products involve simply building a virtual token minting factory and leaving the bulk of work to the customer and the market. With NODs it's different. NODs developers are actively working on new Blockchain solutions that will be rolled out consistently to reinforce and revolutionize the value of NODs NFTs.

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    Read, Connect, Mint

    You can contact us at with any questions. We love to hear from our customers! Otherwise, get minting your exclusive name-only NODs NFT right now by searching your preferred name here.